Oak Creek Monster Buck Tracker 10-13

Last week we caught the biggest bunch of monster bucks on the Spypoint trail cams so far this season. Also we got out in between hunts and saw a few more and also one of the elk. Click the link to see more trail cam photos from this season.

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The elk this season have stayed deep in the timber and have been very hard to find. This one the guides are saying is in the 360-370 range.

elk 1.jpg

It is always fun to get out on the ranch with the good cameras, where you can stay back and not spook the animals. We saw four really nice bucks.


How would you like to see a buck like this walking under your bow stand? This buck is in the 220-240 range. At Oak Creek you will have opportunities to see bucks like this and more.

Click here to see the bucks harvested during the 2015 season, will you be on this season’s list. Here is a link to the bucks harvested so far in the 2016 season.

No matter what kind of deer is your favorite, wide, tall, typical, drop tines, non-typical, your dream deer is going to be at Oak Creek this season.  Our season started August 15th with our limited velvet hunts and goes until the end of December. For more information on the deer or your hunt of a lifetime, give us a call anytime @ 573-943-6644

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